Prep to Show (10 minutes)

available Wednesdays 4:30pm to 6:30pm - by appointment only

Pre-registration: by appointment only

Prerequisite: All dogs must be under total control on and off leash.

send an email to and to set up an appointment

Limited to 9 dogs per evening – this is a “drop-in” class and is open to all.

10 minute time limit per dog.

Open to all dog/handler teams who are preparing to show in Novice, Open, and Utility obedience classes. All dogs must be under total control on and off leash. No actual exercises will be taught in this class. This class is designed to offer coaching on what is and is not acceptable in the obedience-show ring, along with actual ring experience for the dog & handler. All exercises will be called as actually done in the AKC show ring. This allows dogs the opportunity to work in a very distracted setting similar to an obedience trial/show. Instructors will be assisting students throughout the class. Students must own and bring to class a current AKC rule book. Rules and scoring will be reviewed. While treats/toys may be used in the ring, this is not an instructional class for learning the exercise, but is a preparation for the obedience competition environment at all levels, Novice, Open and Utility.

$10 ($8 members)